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We'll take you from confused to confident in 6 easy sections. Understanding insurance has never been more possible!

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Simple = Successful

Insurance is no different.  You know that insurance can be a complicated topic (you wouldn’t be here otherwise) and we know how to make it SIMPLE.  You’ll actually get it!  You’ll be able to make confident decisions about your insurance policies.

You need 2 things to make insurance simple:

  • An understanding of the coverage that insurance policies provide.
  • The ability to apply this knowledge and figure out your own policies.

Once you’ve got access to this resource, you’ll have the foundation to do both.

We've Broken It Down Into 6 Simple Parts

Module 1

Policy Basics

Did you know that policies have parts?  Yep, you’ll get that figured out right at the beginning.


Module 2

Property vs. Liability

There are two basic kinds of coverage in your home and auto policies.  We’ll set that foundation in this video.


Module 3

Auto Insurance

How does your policy cover your car… you… other people… their cars?  Whether you live in an At Fault or a No Fault state we’ll help you figure it out.


Module 4

Homeowners Insurance

We’ll cover basics of how a homeowner’s policy covers your home, your stuff, and the bad things that could happen to others because of you.


Module 5

Personal Umbrella

The ultimate in protection and peace of mind.


Module 6


Claims are why you have insurance, but there can be tons of surprises along the way.  Be prepared so you know exactly what to do when something bad happens.


Ready to get started?

Module 1: Policy Basics

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Module 2: Property vs. Liability

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Module 3: Auto Insurance

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Module 4: Homeowners Insurance

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Module 5: Umbrella Insurance

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Module 6: Claims Process

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